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Anna Ippolito

Born in Turin on January 8th, 1984

Anna Ippolito was born in Turin on January 8th 1984, she graduated in visual communication at the First Art School of Turin, she attended a three-year course of illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) of Turin and in 2011 she obtained a four-year degree in painting, with a thesis in anatomy, at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, at the chair of Radu Dragomirescu.

Since 2009 he collaborates with the artist Marzio Zorio, with whom he produces interactive and sound installations.

She currently lives and works in Turin



- N.E.V.O., Galleria Moitre, Turin, curated by Alessio Moitre.

- Je suise parce que tu exists, Espace GT, Marseille, curated by Antje Poppinga


- PAREIDOLIE a year later, Tribeka Torino, curated by Giovanna Silvestri.

- In Quiete, Galleria Moitre, Turin, curated by Alessio Moitre and Viola Invernizzi.


PAREIDOLIE, Tribeka Torino, curated by Giovanna Silvestri.



- Exhibit, a former stock exchange in Turin, edited by Olga Gambari and Roberta Pagani

- Seven on Seven, Altolab, Marghera (VE), curated by Francesca Arri

- Convergenze, Spazio 23, Turin, organized by Verdiana Oberto


- Pulsar, Astronomical Observatory, Turin Pino (TO), edited by Roberta Furno and Fabio Cafagna

- Zooart, artistic exhibition, Freesia gardens of Cuneo, curated by the association Art.ur

- InNaturalia, Roseto of the surprise, Castel'Alfero (AT), curated by Viola Invernizzi


- HERE AND NOW, ex factory Leone, Turin, curated by Alessio Moitre and Viola Invernizzi.

- TO-NYC, Superbudda, Turin, curated by Irene Ameglio.

- Other visions, gallery Moitre, Turin, curated by Viola Invernizzi.

- MIGRATION, Officina delle Arti, Reggio Emilia, curated by Manuel Portioli


- Gli Occhi del Borgo, studio Olinda, Turin, curated by Gennaro Carrabba, under the patronage of the City of Turin.

- SUITE vol.1, Galleria Cristiani, Turin, curated by the ARTECO Association

- Young wood, Espace theater, Turin, curated by Raoul Giglioli.


- The ThirdFloor, Free Speech Zone, International University College, Turin, curated by ARTECO

- The Feast of the Polpolo of Israel, Baroque Crypt, Turin, curated by the Italian Israel Association of Turin

- The Psychological Portrait, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese (TO), curated by ARTECO and Karin Reisovā Chiono, sponsored by the Province of Turin and the City of Rivarolo Canavese.


- Cliffs, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, curated by Radu Dragomirescu.


- The Book in the XXI Century, Civic Museums of Villa Mirabello, Varese, promoted by for the Arts in Varese and Varesevive.



- Seven on Seven, Altolab, Marghera (VE), curated by Francesca Arri


- InNaturalia, Roseto of the surprise, Castel'Alfero (AT), curated by Viola Invernizzi



- The others, former prison Le Nuove, Turin, stand of the Moitre Gallery

- SetUp art fair, Autostazione, Bologna, stand of the Moitre Gallery


- The others, ex Le Nuove prison, Turin, Print About Me booth



-0000001, Ex stock exchange of Turin, Exhibit 2015. On the opening night of the exhibition, Anna Ippolito, Atsiom Parchynski, Marzio Zorio, concluded the work of beating 14 iron slabs arranged to form a compact square of 500 x 500 cm , through round-headed hammers.

-Song of Stars, astronomical observatory of Turin's Pino, live music festival. Live set, sound and musical composition, with visual show inside the dome of the planetarium.


-Innaturalia - Asterismi-. During the days of residence at the Roseto of Castellalfero's surprise every artist was invited to choose a place inside the park.

In each chosen place, an action was carried out to trace the gods, through the use of a fine cotton cloth, lying on the naked body of each artist.

The tracing, led to the creation of 5 "sudario" paintings, each one a unique copy of a texture as personal as that of fingerprints.

-Pulsar, Turin astronomical observatory of Pino, live set, sonorization and musical composition using the sounds of celestial bodies captured by the Voyager and Cassini probes in space, of which planets, stars, pulsars, etc. inside the dome of the planetarium in which a visual spectacle is staged at oc.

-Sonic events, cyclic models, finissage, personal exhibition by the artist Marzio Zorio at the Moitre gallery in Turin.

Campando live the sound of the opera New York 2013, in which a speaker transmits the sound of the city of New York through a microphone placed in the square of Time Square via streaming (in real time), the two artists (Marzio Zorio and Anna Ippolito ), gave birth to a musical improvisation.

-Position, Moitre galleries, Oblom, CCCT, (2013)

During the reading of some poems by Davide Bava sounded from the bass by Marzio Zorio, Anna Ippolito created a pictorial work on canvas that was then cut into 12 parts each of which was assembled in a booklet.

Each book is presented as a multimedia object in which one can find one of the

poems read that evening, a video of the evening, accessible through a QR code, and the images resulting from the pictorial action not controlled, the result of the atmosphere that came to create in that time and in that space.

Each book has a hardcover that allows it to be placed vertically, so as to create a sculptural object. All the action (painting of the canvas and the covers during the reading and subsequent fragmentation of the canvas and assembling of the books) took place in 2 hours and in each booklet the start and end time of the "press" was marked.

-Music and Spaces, PAV Parco Arte Vivente in Turin, participated sound performance.

The sound of 10 drums, made available to the public, was sampled and remodulated live, to go to compose a musical sequence, in accordance with other instruments played by the artists (Marzio Zorio and Anna Ippolito) including violin, electric bass, guitar electric, computers, synthesizers, drummachines.

Anna Ippolito
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