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Manu Brabo

Spain, 1981

Manu Brabo (Spain, 1981) is a freelance photojournalist based in Torino, Italy, whose work is focused mainly on social conflicts around the world. Since 2007 he has worked on the impact of natural disasters, political changes, uprisings, revolutions and wars in countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti­, Bolivia, Kosovo, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, etc...

Kidnapped for 45 days by Gaddafi forces in 2011, during the last years Manu has been working for several NGO's and international news agencies The Associated Press and his shots have been published in most important magazines and papers. His work can be also found as part of the permanent collection at the “Newseum” in Washington DC, USA.

Teacher at several Universities and Photojournalism Schools in Spain (Seville, Madrid, Asturias) he also have develop and conducted photojournalism studies in several countries in Latin America like El Salvador, Chile or Colombia. He is also full member of the photojournalist cooperative MEMO as well as cofounder of MEMO magazine.

2017- POYi. "Award of Excellence".
2016- Premio Reporteros El Mundo.
2016- Press Awards, UK. "Photographer of the year 2015"
2016- POYi, 2nd. News Picture Story.
2015- British Journalism Awards, Photojournalism.
2014- Giornalisti del Mediterraneo, Italy
2013- Pulitzer Prize. Breaking News Photography.
2013- Overseas Press Club of America. Honorable Mention. The Robert Capa Gold Medal
2013- China International Press Photo: Silver prize in War and Disaster News Stories.
2013- POYi 1st place - SPOT NEWS.
2012- The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar: 1st place Chris Hondros Memorial¯ International News
1st place General News
2012- Prix Bayeux-Calvados for War Correspondents. Audience Award
2012- Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies Awards. Best Photo 2011-2012
2012- National Headliner Awards- 1st place and best in show
2011- The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar: 1st place. Chris Hondros Memorial¯ International News
1st place General News

2017. “Chemins D’Exile” (Malaga)
2017. “Me-Mo”. Group Show. Photo London (London)
2017. “Me-Mo”. Group Show. Aipad (New York)
2016. “Mare Nostrum” (International Itinerance)
2016. “Chemins D’Exile” (Spanish Itinerance)
2015. “Gang Warfare in El Salvador”. Sintra Photo Press (Lisbon/Portugal)
2015. “Up Front Spain” (European Itinerance)
2015. “Ukraine: l’Est ą la dérive” Aquilage Frigos (Paris/France)
2014. “Syria”. Niemeyer Foundation (Spain)
2012. “A revolution in Libya” Photojournalism Week (Gijón/Spain)

Manu Brabo
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