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Marzio Zorio

(1985) He lives and works in Turin

Marzio Zorio, b. Turin, 1985. Lives and works in Turin.
Zorio’s research involves the investigation of new systems of communication and sound-art, exploring an analysis focussing on sound-art associated with visual poetry and writing.
In parallel he works a curator for projects by independent groups in which emerges the organizational figure of the “engineer”, in which above and beyond criticism tout-court prevails the aspect of selecting works together with a concrete exhibition design concept.
Together with the Italian artist Anna Ippolito, Zorio founded the MAAN Project company, the aim of which is to deliver, support and produce culture.

2018 Il terzo giorno, group show, Palazzo del Governatore, Parma, curated by Didi Bozzini.
Il terzo giorno is a visual story of the mental path from the Creation to Eden by way of the vicissitudes of the exoducs on an exhausted planet. A story composed of analogies rather than logic, of visions not concepts, of wonder not speculation. A path through which art is proposed as the direction followed by the spirit to pass through nature and penetrate its precious mystery.
The exhibiting artists included: Marina Abramovich, Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Andreas Gursky, Alfredo Jaaar, Mario Merz, Tracey Snelling, Mircea Suciu.
2017 Igav, solo show, Marzio Zorio goes to Project Room
2017 Casa del Mantegna, group show, Mantova, curated by Irene Finiguerra and Simona Gavioli
Art is revolution, it is constantly changing and perpetual.
Long-term cultural project, self-managed, self-produced, self-regulated hosting site-specific works.
Cavallerizza Reale (The Royal Stables) in Turin Italy, is a large building in the city centre and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In May 2014 a group of local citizens came together when it became apparent that the mayor and city council were intent on selling the public building to the private sector. They set about occupying the structure and named themselves: Assemblea Cavallerizza 14:45.
Over the last three years, the abandoned area has been given a new lease of life. A spontaneously created open community has evolved, using self-motivated methods and an innovative style of public access, producing cultural events with zero cost to the public administration of the city. To learn more about the efforts being made please visit the website (in Italian):
“La Cavallerizza” is organised into a variety of thematic working groups, in which members of the public can freely participate. The arts lab group named “Artivisive (visual arts) Cavallerizza”, started out in 2016, initially composeed of members of the Cavallerizza core group and local artists from Turin and elsewhere. The group is composed entirely of volunteers, as are all the other La Cavallerizza groups (Theatre, Music, Literature and more). The Arts Lab participates in and shares with the other groups the production of works within the walls of the occupied/liberated structure, pumping new life into the Cavallerizza Reale.

2015 Exhibit, group show, former Turin Stock Exchange, curated by Olga Gambari and Roberta Pagani
00000001 on the occasion of Exhibit, former Turin Stock Exchange, curated by Olga Gambari and Roberta Pagani

2015 PULSAR II, Turin. Following the work presented in 2014 (see the corresponding year in this CV), on the occasion of Song of Stars, INIFINI.TO musical season – Turin Planetarium and Museum of Astronomy and Space, Turin, as musicians. During the inaugural evening of the exhibition Pulsar, Anna Ippolito and Marzio Zorio presented an audio-visual show in the Planetarium's dome. Drawing on the visual high-tech of the dome itself and the contribution of the astrophysicist Manuele Balboni who deals specifically in the staging of visual shows and manages the technical apparatus in the dome, it was possible to create an authentic journey through our galaxy, the Milky Way, starting out from planet Earth, with the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis and the swarms of shooting stars, passing by way of Jupiter and its moons, skimming Saturn and diving through its rings.
The journey concluded with an extreme acceleration that projected the observers’ gaze beyond the galaxy and the known boundaries of the known universe. The audio component was designed and composed utilising principally the natural sounds of the celestial bodies captured by probes sent into space, in particular Voyager and Cassini.

2014 PULSAR,
2014 Concerto per 4 battiti, on the occasion of The Others Art Fair, Others Sound section, Turin
2014 Pulsar on the occasion of Pulsar_Arte e Musica dallo spazio, INFINI.TO – Turin Planetarium and Museum of Astronomy and Space, Turin. Group show, curated by Arteco Association. Along with the installations presented, on the inaugural evening only, the concert was presented that was to be reprised in 2015 for Song of Stars, again at the Planetarium (see the corresponding year in this CV).

2013 - Musica e Spazi, PAV Parco Arte Vivente di Torino, sound participative performance. A musical performance of participatory art took place on September 22, 2013 at the prestigious PAV, Turin. Inside the four-leaf clover park 10 drums were placed at the disposal of the public who were invited to interact with the melodies produced by Marzio Zorio and Anna Ippolito. Instruments: guitar, bass, violin, computers, synthesizers, drum machine. Performance duration 40 minutes.
The drums, all microphoned, were resampled, processed and reproposed by the two artists, mixed with the melodies produced live.

2014 - Je suis parce que tu existes, Espace GT, Marseille. solo show, curated by Antje Poppinga.

2013 TO-NYC, Superbudda Torino, group show with artists from New York and Turin, curated by Irene Ameglio. The sound installation Speziale (2012), in cooperation with the artist Anna Ippolito, resembles a box of neutral colour composed of ten closed drawers. Each drawer contains a speaker that emits a sound of choice. Different sounds are related to recordings of environments and different objects, from the resonance of the Earth (Schumann resonance), the heartbeat of a man, Zadar's marine organ, through to the Cave of Crystals, Naica.
In particular, one drawer transmits the sound of the room in which the installation is placed, in real time, with a delay of 2 seconds.
Each drawer can be opened by the user, whom in this way can hear the sound emitted from the specific speaker.
The last drawer at the bottom right, closed, is inaccessible.
2012 SUITE Vol.1, Group-show, Cristiani Gallery, in cooperation with Anna Ippolito, curated by Arteco.
Via a receiver, the work picks up the live audio from a microphone placed in the city of New York. The volume is low and only by nearing the ear can one perceive its presence. There are two intents and two meanings attributed to this sound installation. The first is the creation of a work that is similar to a living creature that vibrates and moves thanks to sound energy transmitted by the City of New York, with the box representing its den and the aquarium its living space. The speaker, an inanimate object, comes to life through energy generated by the great living being. The second tackles the theme of the relationship between micro and macro, in which the enclosure of the big city within the box, making it easy to carry and to hear, reduces the spatial distance and size, allowing you to hold it and make it domestic, private.

2011 - The ThirdFfloor, group show, work made in cooperation with Anna Ippolito, Free Speech Zone, International University College di Torino, curated by ARTECO.
In Zephaniah (2011) we tried to create an object that could represent "freedom of speech". This object transmits the sounds of a microphone placed at a distance made available to the public. The case is placed in a vacuum, preventing the sounds emitted from the speaker from propagating; transparent walls make it possible to see the movement of the eardrum at work; the only way to liberate the voice is contact through a glove inserted inside, which is the connection point that allows sound waves to find a physical element on which to vibrate, in place of air. Freedom of speech, in this case restricted by an invisible wall vacuum, has the ability to speak only through an act, an action performed by the person wishingto listen. Through the search for contact, which is essential to communication, it can free a message.

Marzio Zorio
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