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Via Giolitti, 52

Via della Rocca, 19

10123 Torino

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Stefano Forgione, 1969. Pino Rossi, 1972.
Live and work between Avellino and Naples .

Inside the canvas, between its patterns, nature lives..... mould, Nature which cries out, fights and emits deaf sounds that become discernable tones only after their termination, which has been irreversibly established by the artist. A single solo of pure natural essence that silently breaks free like the wind in a melody without instruments. The canvass acts as a cradle, throbs with internal travail, feels life pervading and invading it, silently and inertly reacting. That same canvas, up to now a simple tool, pretext and concept, becomes a “part”, an accomplice, earth, God, of that which the gaze of the observer, unaware of the internal process, will perceive as a simple “picture”.

TTOZOI intervenes preemptively in an unambiguous and absolute way defining that which, by primogenial assumption, should be free from any constraint: Nature. Thus subverting such an axiom is exactly the crude and frayed story of the contemporary: bent, constrained, directed by standardized economic bonds, technological and aesthetic, cause and effect of the inescapable liquefying of all references. "It has appeared to us as extraordinary that, still today, it is possible to crystallize this essence of modernity by means of the disarming force of two seemingly “simple” elements: the canvass, quintessential artistic tool, and nature".

TTOZOI, therefore, does not create new events but is the one who knows how to let them happen. He restricts himself to promoting the carrying out of such new events with the spontaneity and imagination of dreams, leaving the story of his works in the hands of an automatism freed of all descriptive intent. The observer, is swept away by the vibrations of life born free of any dogma or reasoned action, he and only and he decides its natural termination, consecrating the work to the eternal and sublime artistic narration.

Here is the naturally absolute informal:the lyrical dimension between being and becoming.


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Turin (Italy), Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art, Germination
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Positano (NA, Italy), Franco Senesi Fine Art Gallery, Tremble
Terzigno (Italy), Salvatore Emblema Museum, Luce.Trame.Vita., curated by E. Emblema
San Giorgio a Cremano (Italy), Villa Bruni, Sulle tracce di Luca Giordano
Avellino (Italy), Palazzo della Prefettura - Circolo della Stampa, Le Muffe

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