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Daniele Bongiovanni. Con Pura Forma | Juliet Art Magazine


On January 30th, inaugurates at the Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art with Pura Forma, a personal exhibition of Daniele Bongiovanni, an artist born in Palermo in 1986.
The concept of the exhibition is a careful selection of paintings linked to the Aesthetica cycle, now better recognized as the cycle of white skies; or a path that in these years has allowed the artist to pursue, even with new stylistic and chromatic experiments, a study on the "classical" form of the landscape, a survey that has as a constant the need to be represented in the dreamy form and sometimes imponderable what can be more concrete and too predictable: natural space. Among the many unpublished works and those more or less recent, realized between 2015 and 2017, this exhibition will present one of the works of Bongiovanni exhibited at the 57th Venice Biennale, Natura con Deus, a composition of thirty wooden planks (15x15cm each) where we find a nature lived and thought by man, but free from artificial and foreign bodies.

The art historian Marzia Ratti, present with a text in the catalog, defines the works presented by Daniele Bongiovanni in this exhibition as a natural evolution of his pictorial hypothesis that starts from figuration, understood and filtered by his need for progressive deconstruction that in part it coincides with his study interests, to arrive at a minimal operation that reaches the dimension of silence and mystery through paths of colored light alone.

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