ONIRICO. Emanuele Riccio e Luigi Cozzolino

From 09/02/2012 To 18/03/2012

Man is two human beings at the same time:
one is awake in the darkness while the other one sleeps in the light.
Kahlil Gibran

The application of the photographical technique acquired during their long experience as art and advertising photographers is the base of the brilliant research of the two photographers Emanuele Riccio and Luigi Cozzolino (both from Turin); they produce innovative artistic creations mixing light and smoke.

Riccio and Cozzolino have always been intrigued and attracted by the study of light and by its different changes in space and time; they take as many pictures as they can, trying to get all the different possible combinations of vapor clouds, smoke, light and shadow.

In their works they make a professional use of immaterial elements to produce something real, which becomes a visible, communicative and evocative experience.
They subconsciously act as Rorschach, it looks like they are investigating the unconscious of the person who observes their works. This is probably the reason why their creations seem to convey a universal message, which is not an easy task, especially when dealing with abstract experimentations, that are notoriously considered more difficult than reportage pictures.

The exhibition presents a recent cycle of works - 4 pictures and 2 light-boxes- which enshroud the visitor in a concentric space, thanks to the use of several gradations of the red colour on a dark background, which is a typical trait of Riccio and Cozzolino. Entering the project room one finds himself in a sort of scenery that reminds the atmosphere of the Double Dream by Arthur Schnitzler.
A fundamental characteristic of their works is in fact the constant symmetry, both in the choice of the image and in the one of the colour range, which is limited to red and black. This choice can be interpreted as a symbol of harmony and balance, but also as an allegory of the ambivalence of existence in general.

ONIRICO. Emanuele Riccio e Luigi Cozzolino
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