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Sabatino Cersosimo, Michele Brancati - T.RAUM

From 28/09/2012 To 18/11/2012

Photographer Michele Brancati (born in Reggio Calabria in 1977) invited several young girls to pose in the intimate and private space of his own bedroom. He asked them a hard question: to define themselves through one single object. The result was a combination of the sinuous feminine bodies with a curious series of personal objects, including a horse mask- a possible allegory of the animal instinct innate in the human being.
This is the theme behind the artistic project “T.RAUM”, German for ‘dream’ (“Traum") and ‘room’("Raum"). This theme came about on a winter night of 2010, in a quiet Berlin pub situated in the Turkish district of Neukölnn. It is the result of an accidental and creative meeting between two Italian artists, Sabatino Cersosimo (a painter) and Michele Brancati (a photographer), that both recently moved to Berlin and became fascinated by the passionate atmosphere present in this city.
Cersosimo, born in Turin in 1974, was immediately inspired by Michele’s pictures and accepted the challenge to translate Michele’s work in paintings. He was fascinated by the idea of confronting himself with the intentioned non focused and vanishing style of these images; a style so different from his typical incisive and sharp artistic work – a reminder of Egon Schiele’s rough lines.
Motivated by the common desire of investigating and outlining the most recondite aspects of contemporary society, even as much as to disclose the hidden and intimate human instincts, Brancati and Cersosimo depict their figures without any idealization, but in their raw carnality.
The artists’ representational style share the really plastic figures element, but vary in their way to describe the “bedroom” context. The photographer leaves the bedroom barely deducible with an intentional non focused affect, so as to privilege the feminine figure in the foreground, immortalized with an intimate and reflective pose. In contrast, Cersosimo uses the background as a real co–star in the composition, both on the colour and space level. He clearly outlines it through the use of geometric and sharp lines softened through particular bright brush strokes, ‘velature’, extraordinarily evidenced by the artist’s typical choice of a birch wood support. Thanks to this elegant use of the velature stroke, progressively superimposing over itself and harmoniously alternating with areas of thicker paint and interesting hot glue inserts, the artist obtains an extraordinary effect of chiaroscuro on the border between the natural light and the rarefied and pale artificial one.
An intimate small dark room that is hidden with a curtain is the setting for Brancati’s cinematographic storyboard panel. This panel, realized through four photos of the artist, enters a dialogue with Cersosimo’s five oils on wood paintings through in the soft light of a pocket torch common to both.
The concept of room, in German “raum”, together with the will of reflecting upon the intimate feminine world, is in fact the fil rouge of the whole exhibition project. It was given birth in the minimalist bedroom of Brancati, later moved and nurtured in Cersosimo’s Berlin studio/room, till finally reaching the project room of Raffaella De Chirico Art Gallery – the most intimate space of the gallery.
Both artists see this room as a private refuge to reflect and freely create far away from indiscreet eyes.

Sabatino Cersosimo, Michele Brancati - T.RAUM
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