Galleria d'Arte
Raffaella De Chirico

TORINO: Via Barbaroux, 16
MILANO: Via Carlo Farini, 2

Ph +39 392 89 72 581


From 06/11/2021 To 22/12/2021

On Saturday 6 November, on the occasion of the Night of Contemporary Arts, the Galleria Raffaella De Chirico inaugurates the one-man show SOMETHING D'ETERICO ERETICO by Jacopo Mandich (Rome, 1979).
The project proposes, through a performative installation and various sculptural objects, a hybrid environment between the tangible and the intangible, the physical and the metaphysical, an open question on how our senses and perceptions of reality, internal and external, contribute to our individual and collective identities in a fragmented world. To observe the nature of perceptions, the artist uses various tools that question the "invisible forces" that move us in their own way. Indeed Jacopo Mandich in recent years has focused on the exploration of the sphere of the unconscious, using matter as a medium.
The experimentation presents various paradoxical contrasts in a multifaceted and rhizomatic language which, on a metaphorical level, set these forces in motion and the different tensions they generate. Physical and explicit tensions of a temporal nature on the materials, as in the performance that will take place on the day of the opening in the courtyard of the gallery: a block of ice will be held in traction by rubber bands while waiting for it to melt and break, triggering a further tension between the space in which the performance will take place and the time it will require.
A vibrant tension also involves the works with ethereal and light structures, evanescent to the eye and primordial to the senses of the observer, exhibited in the interior spaces of the gallery, where between luminous appearances and rarefaction in the projections of shadow they float in the dark. Corporeal and incorporeal architectures come to life: it is the light that generates the space, emphasizing the paradox of content and container.
The environment is thus altered by the confusion between the physical structure of the works and shadow lines: the same process happens in our mind when we perceive reality, between presumed concrete data and sensible reality. Rationality processes the tangible, considering matter as an inescapably concrete certainty. However, physical matter, analyzed at a macroscopic level, is mostly composed of empty structures and its substance, made up of 85% dark matter, is still largely unknown, which makes the premise of concreteness of matter paradoxical . The acquired knowledge and the truths considered consolidated are therefore questioned and a heretical (etymologically - choosing-) and intimate re-analysis of the perception is encouraged.

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