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Federica Patera e Andrea Sbra Perego | RAR 2015-2020

From 05/11/2020 To 16/01/2021

The exhibitions deal with reflecting on the link between word and creative gesture and particularly on their relation at the basis of reality construction. Both see literature crossing over into art, getting out from books, no longer considered as objects but as concepts, and developing forms that modify their use.
RAR is an homage to the role of analogy in literature and also an homage to the connection that can exist among books apparently distant. Inside RAR coexist authors like Thomas Pynchon and Stephen King, Rick Moody and Cristina Campo, J.G. Ballard and J.L. Borges, and their texts converse each other guided by key words and quotes inserted in an archive, as the title highlights (RAR is a data compression format).
Instead, Levenim begins with the passage from Genesis dedicated to the Tower of Babel [Gn, 11, 1-9], in its Hebrew version (even the title Levenim/ ????????, the Hebrew word for bricks, makes it clear), then flanked by Greek, Latin, Italian, French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, constituting a sort of language journey. Often interpreted in a negative key, as justification for acts of struggle, here the excerpt gives the chance for new insights and the process of discovering is in full bloom; it means openness and is focused on the nuances created by the translations.

The exhibitions are complementary: from the archive of quotations to the single excerpt; from the analogy and the convergence of meanings to the nuances of translation that give birth to new details; from extracting a sentence from a context to relocating it to a new original, in one of the twelve RAR stories, to transfigure, in Levenim, a three-dimensional object, the brick of the Tower (levenah ???????), that will animate of an actual, still submerged creation.

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