Art Gallery Turin and Milan

Galleria d'Arte
Raffaella De Chirico

TORINO: Via Barbaroux, 16
MILANO: Via Carlo Farini, 2

Ph +39 392 89 72 581

Art in Turin and Milan

About Raffaella De Chirico | Contemporary Art

The gallery Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea was founded in 2011 and has always focused its exhibition program on the production and realization of nationally unpublished work, favouring artists under 40, who have already distinguished themselves for their artistic themes and study and outside of Italy.

The same principle applies to historical artists managed by the gallery, in particular those whose work spans the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, who have developed advisory skills in art investment and the creation of comprehensive collections of modern art.

A constant principle of the study, based on the idea of then and now underlies the attention to semantics, conceptual minimalism, use of new production materials, as well as social and current affairs photography. The truthful search for a dialogue with the past aims at delving into the peculiarities of the present, in the attempt to stimulate discussion and discourse.

The galleryʼs development of an international program has a dual aim, on one hand taking part in international trade exhibitions, collaborating with several Italian Cultural Institutes and Foundations while on the other collaborating with artists whose international visibility adds value to the galleryʼs activities at national level.

In 2021 a second gallery has been opened in Milan, in Via Carlo Farini, 2.

Contemporary Art Turin and Milan
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