From 09/02/2012 To 18/03/2012

Raffaella De Chirico is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Lawand, of Kurdish origin born in Rakka, in Syria in 1984, before the artist's exhibition in Italy. Living in France since the age of 10 years, when the family reached his father, also a painter and poet, already known in Angers. Is this then the matrix which approached Lawand pictorial art, frequenting the atelier paterno from which you depart in adolescence for language staff.

Approximately thirty works in the exhibition, oils on canvas and drawings illustrate an artistic path of recent years.
Writes Essirard Jacki Lawand painting "... consider the Expressionists, but distortion implemented by Lawand are quite immaterial. CITES willingly Egon Schiele, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Giacometti, but his painting transcends representation and transcends the bodies, using the material in his unstable state and vibrant. "
Vertical figures that seem to budge as projections of mental images, mounted on tele and important dimensions (149 x 114 cm and cm 116 x 89) either surfaces smaller collections (35 x 27 cm and 65 x 54 cm) are placed in the Central Hall of De Chirico, while the side more intimate lounges, from mouth to make a conspicuous production of drawings and colored inks on paper, of various sizes.

Lawand pictorial activity has been looking for more expressive techniques, both to contemporary dance performance arise, making it both the poetry and its artistic production to the production of artist's books. The poets Michaux, Luca Ghérasim, Guillevic and Adonis have a crucial role in its formation, as well as contemporary poets Antonie Emaz, Bernard Noël, Jean-Claude Schneider, Yves Bonnefoy which has forged several partnerships. Dialogue with Djalal al-dîn Rûmi and Omar Khayyâm besides consolidating the cultural roots of Lawand related Arabic, probably has highlighted the need to emphasize the current condition of the painting and characters related to the world of culture in Syria. At Lawand is treasonable return to his country of birth, even for short periods.

Recent solo exhibitions:
Galerie Alain Rouzé, Nantes (2010)
Estrée Foundation, Ropraz, Switzerland (2010)
Adel Gallery, Lyon (2010)
Galerie Naclil, Lille (2011)
Galerie Espace Art 83, La Rochelle (2011)
Galerie Jacques Lévy, Paris (2011)

Recent group exhibitions:
Galerie Serge Grard, Fenin, Neuchâtel Switzerland (2011)
Lille Art Fair, Lille (2011)
Galerie Bourreau Ravier, Noirmoutier en l'Ile (2011)

Flirt avec la mort, Tallal Mualla (foreword), [exhibition catalogue], Kalemat art and Puplisher, Aleppo, 2007.
Peintures, Jacky Essirard (lyrics) [exhibition catalogue], published by the Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire, 2009.

Artist's books:
Devenir transparents, poetic text of Jacky Essirard, original painting measures Lawand, Edition Atelier de Villemorge (France), 2007.
Pierres noires, poetic text of Jacky Essirard, original painting measures Lawand, Edition Atelier de Villemorge (France).
Hérissé, poetic text of Jean-Claude Schneider, original painting measures Lawand, Edition Atelier de Villemorge (France), 2009.
Nada, poetic text by Antoine Emaz, pictorial interventions Lawand, original Editions Approches, Rennes (France), 2009.

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