Carlo Orsi Fotografo. Images from Trentino and from the world

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Carlo Orsi Fotografo. Images from Trentino and from the world

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The Cavalese contemporary art center dedicates an exhibition to Carlo Orsi, edited by Elio Vanzo and Claudio Delvai, that wishes to highlight its great artistic personality and the tribute that it has done to our mountain territory through many pictures taken here by him.

The exhibition is divided into two sections:

•The first extends through a retrospective exhibition of 102 shots done in the last fifty years, which doesn't pretend to be exhaustive but wants to highlight the depth of time and place of his work and his great scope which kaleidoscopic fresco of an entire era of national and world history.

•The second continues with the exposure of other 43 photographs taken in various locations of our mountain landscape, reconnecting a cross-section of our history and our Valley region to the vastness of space-time of art bears.

It follows the exhibition of a collection of shots of great importance, unpublished and unknown to most people: a document that analyzes historical and artistic interest further that always stirs the Alpine region which offers a stimulus to the collective imagination of high symbolic value, a lung and to interchange with other territories and other realities.


Open period: from December 26, 2011 to January 6, 2012
and from March 31 to April 8, 2012 all day
The remainder opened Saturday and Sunday
Business Hours: 15:30-19:30
Closed on Mondays
Free entrance

For more information:
Cavalese Contemporary Art Centre
Piazzetta Rizzoli 1 - 38033 - Cavalese (TN)
Tel. +39.0462.235416
Fax +39.0462.248043

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