The Others 2012

Galleria d'Arte
Raffaella De Chirico

TORINO: Via Barbaroux, 16
MILANO: Via Carlo Farini, 2

Ph +39 392 89 72 581

The Others 2012

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The Others is an event dedicated to dynamic art spaces and organizations devoted to the emerging art scene. The admission is reserved to commercial galleries, established after 1 January 2009. In addition: artists’ collectives and artists-run-spaces, non-profit centres, associations, foundations, art prizes, art residences, art schools and academiesare allowed to submit their admission request (independently by their opening data) if they present a program continuously dedicated to emerging artists.Designed for young exhibitors in term of quality and accessibility, The Others is an observatory on emerging international creativity intended to become a significant incubator for young talents.

The world of young art is in consistent evolution, and this is why we want to involve in our search the passionate public (collectors, curators, journalists, critics, artists, gallery owners), who are invited to recommend us the best international organizations through a new method of scouting.

Evening opening hours are from 6:00 pm to 1:00. A performing area, set in the beautiful theatre of the prison, will host meetings, presentations, performances, video screenings, live music and – with its bars and street food – Le Nuove is set to be the beating heart of Turin’s contemporary arts weekend.

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