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The Others | EXHIBIT

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For the first time, during 2015 edition, The Others exits from the seat of the ex-prison Le Nuove, showing up with an exhibit, in collaboration with Camera di commercio di Torino, which will include primarily its exhibitors’ proposals.
Furthermore, the participation will be extended to other local galleries and associations which might want to join the project.

The Others ? EXHIBIT is The Others’ spin-off, an exhibition hosted at the ex-Borsa Valori of Turin, in Piazza Valdo Fusi, where the magnificent architectures designed by Gabetti&Isola in the mid-century beautify the old town centre.

The Others ? EXHIBIT restates the many-sided identity of The Others project and it especially confirms the aim of evaluating the fair as a public, final moment of an annual work which has been moving in several directions, with a widespread network running 365 days a year.
EXHIBIT is meant to be an invitation to freedom of thought, of production, of practice. It is an exhibition that intends to declare art value ad qualifies artists’ labor as well as the importance and meaning of every single work.
Thus, the Stay Gold-theme has been recalled and amplified in the ex-Borsa: art as a way of bringing in the reality emotional, conceptual, critical dimensions that go beyond the boundaries of material; art as an explanation of purity and entirety of Gold, the most precious metal; art as an excellence and distinctiveness symbol; art as freedom, made of young proposals, with a load of innovation and new intentions.

Inside the wide open-space of the ex-Borsa Valori becomes real an exposition of unlimited creations: sculptures, artistic installations, multimedial speeches which will interact with the exhibit cointainer.
The concept of unlimited is effectively asked to be the formal feature of the project and its artworks which evoke what should always be art dimension and condition without limits.

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