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ART ROOM TALENT | A Great Discovery: Nico Mingozzi galleria Raffaella De Chirico (Torino)


Nico Mingozzi was born in Portomaggiore (Fe) on 26th October 1976. He attended Dosso Dossi Art Institute with an Art Master degree

Nico Mingozzi chooses collecting photos as his conceptual foundation, where he patiently collects mostly black and white images, from the last century bourgeois universe at its outset.

He deals with bodies and faces of people that have disappeared long since, with looks impregnated with a neo-Gothic, puritanical severity as that was a century that saw them as involuntarily passioned protagonists contained in a social discipline among the most demanding ones. The poetic tone of this selection is dominated by melancholy, the idea of death and the anxiety that generates in their faces and human flesh.

He has realized his works in black and white pencil technique, ink, watercolor or oil paints.

The characters of his works are becoming unbelievable monsters: they are extraordinary, or rather, non-credibles in their being so austeres before and so monstrous after the artist’ intervention.

Mingozzi adulterates overwhelmingly the identity of all of them, upsetting their austerity: they now are brute but the artist in reality is bringing all back to theirselves, to their origins. Mingozzi is giving to each one a new life and reality, a sort of pagan god who’s deciding those people destinies and renaissance.

Nico Mingozzi develops his work by using different techniques, that are always an outcome of an obsessive gesture, primordial and bulimic. Across the fragmentation of the photographic print, Mingozzi separates families and couples in order to bring themes back together with the stapler; sometimes he ties people together with painted strings in a sort of comforting bondage; sometimes he uses a male sex organ to create a trait d’union among characters.

The artist develops a specific attention for faces that are spolied, affected and scratched. Eyes are multiplied and implore the consumer “to look beyond” the stereotype.

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