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Reliefs September 20th - October 27th 2018 at the Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art in Turin | WISIMAG


The exhibition season of the Raffaella De Chirico gallery begins with a group exhibition dedicated to relief and to the subject in this sense declined.

Fifteen artists with different researches and paths in dialogue with each other, heterogeneous but bound by the experimentation of materials that become protruding, overcome and surpass the surface.

The research of the artist Claudio Costa is best expressed through a work of 1991, Il deserto del Golfo, 81x123x7 cm, in which objects and various fossils are assembled on rusty slab, which seems to dialogue with the bone under the coffin by Wolf Vostell, in a research dedicated to a primordial and visceral reading of the artistic proposal. The memory of the objects of the past is revived thanks to the young Cristina Swan, whose studio comes to the use of old photographs, mainly in black and white, pervaded by an evocative sense of unease that unites the old with the modern.

By Claudio Cintoli instead, a magnificent work of 1963, Lante doble, assembly, cm 30x27, of a rare and beautiful series, which is described by Flaminio Gualdoni as "indicative of the moment of conjunction of its artistic maturation and its precocious harmony with the International Zeitgeist ".

Idea (1966-67) is a historical work by the sculptor Edgardo Mannucci, (two Venice Biennials, 1956 and 1962 and solo exhibitions in the galleries of the period: Obelisk 1957, Medusa 1958, Attico 1960) slab, slag and brass casting , welded and glass copper wires, 27x67 cm x4.

A work with Lorenzo Guerrini's cardboard well communicates with the Brescia artist Raffaella Formenti, who for years has been following a political, social and environmental research using paper. Together with the half of the career Formenti, a young artist from Lucania, Mattia Ferretti begins his journey with the De Chirico gallery with a work on the fiberglass grid, a relief of a place identified in the sky "beyond the clouds".

The lecturism of Maurice Lemaître is expressed through a work of 2000, La lettre en faux-col, mixed technique on wood, 52x67 cm, while the refined poetry of Ji? Í Kolá? expresses itself through KLIDNÊ (tranquility), 1990, fabric and variable collage on white cardboard, 33x25 cm.

The material becomes "bodily" with a "cheek" by Maurice Henry and with the small and delicate breasts of Ralph Rumney.

Also on show are multiples: the great Louise Nevelson, César and a missile by Pino Pascali.

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