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THE HUFFINGTON POST | Alejandro Cartagena's Photographs Give A Glimpse Of Mexican Car


Alejandro Cartagena takes photographs in Mexican suburbs that don't shy away from confronting social and urban issues. The Sony World Photography Awards shortlist nominee's recent collection "Car Poolers" gives a bird's eye view of men stuffed in the back of pick-up trucks alongside buckets, rope, wheelbarrows, and other supplies.

Cartagena doesn't need to inject much commentary to create extremely powerful images. Something as banal as riding in a truck with your gear, when you really confront it as an image, is so dehumanizing the photos almost look staged. Cartagena succeeds in providing a glimpse of a reality we often don't see. Without specifically labeling as good or bad, just or unjust, he creates arresting images that will make you think twice before you blithely pass by a packed truck on the road. See more at Circuit Gallery.

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