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Raffaella De Chirico

TORINO: Via Barbaroux, 16
MILANO: Via Carlo Farini, 2

Ph +39 392 89 72 581

Tobiasson, the clicks that tell the city and humanity - LaRepubblica


Swedish photographer Börje Tobiasson chose to live free, without a permanent home, moving around the world and meeting what life put him on the road. The result is a long photographic story on the road, made of shots in b / w, moments found and cultured thanks to that lightness, of situationist flavor and beat, which frees the gaze from the paths and the pre-established modes.

For this reason the subjects of Tobiasson are very different, as are the places, between Naples, Rome, Mexico City, New York. The period is that of the 80s, which also refers to the song by Bruce Springsteen which gives the title to the exhibition by Raffaella De Chirico. Each image is a chapter of a tale of cities and humanity, of individuals and collectives, full and empty, detailed sets and almost abstract metropolitan still lifes. Teenagers going by scooter and kissing, football matches in little pitches, stadiums, escalators of the subway. - o.g.


Contemporary Art Gallery Turin

Contemporary Art Gallery
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