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Narciso Contreras

Mexico City, 1975
Lives and works in Stockholm

Narciso Contreras is an award winning photojournalist.

Since 2010 he has been covering a variety of issues and topics in Southern Asia and the Middle East, leading him to focus his work on the humanitarian cost of conflicts, economics and wars. His work intends to contribute to building our visual memory of the world he testifies.

His studies in philosophy, photography and visual anthropology led him to live and study in a monastery in India while photographing religious communities. Since then, Narciso has photographed under reported issues like the ethnic war in Myanmar and the forgotten war in Yemen as well as some of the major current events like the political upheavals in Istanbul, the conflict in Gaza, the military coup in Egypt, the war in Syria and the tribal conflict in Libya.

Narciso's work has been exhibited at galleries, museums and photo festivals in Europe, Asia, USA and Mexico.
He has contributed to magazines and media outlets around the globe like TIME magazine, The Guardian, The New York Times, Paris Match, RT TV, MSNBC News, AP Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, Al Jazeera, The Daily Beast, The Sunday Times magazine, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal, LEFT, Vogue, L’Espresso, Expressen, Knack, dS Standaard, Wirtschafts Woche, Corriere della Sera among others. He also has contributed for non-governmental organizations like MSF (Doctors Without Borders).

He is currently photographing the migrants' crisis in North Africa as part of a long-term project of documentation based on the worldwide conceived phenomenon of a "massive human displacement". It’s first chapter “Libya: a human marketplace” documents the human trafficking and slavery network operating in Libya.


2016: Bayeux-Calvados Award for War Correspondents (finalist)
2016: FotoEvidence Book Award (Finalist)
2015: Carmignac Photojournalism Award (recipient)
2013: Pulitzer price - Breaking News Photography Category
2013: Pictures Of The Year - 3rd prize Spot News Singles Category

Narciso Contreras
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