Chiara Samugheo | SET OFF

From 12/06/2012 To 22/09/2012

Raffaella De Chirico Art Gallery is proud to announce Chiara Samugheo’s solo exhibition “Set off”, that arises from the will of paying homage to a fundamental figure in the history of Italian photography.

Raffaella De Chirico has always been a very careful observer and admirer of Chiara Samugheo’s work and she is pleased to dedicate her this solo exhibition on the occasion of her huge retrospective –including more than 200 pictures- at the National Cinema Museum of Turin.
“Set off” shows a selection of almost 35 pictures –with a maximum run of 30 copies- chosen from the ones exhibited at the Cinema Museum. The photos exhibited in the gallery illustrate the different moments of Chiara Samugheo’s artistic path and retrace and investigate her whole long career.

Several vintage pay homage to her debut as reportage photographer: she was able to immortalize with a raw and feminine gaze subjects as Naples Baraccate and Salento “tarantolate” (1954), and the famous portraits of Hollywood stars, Italian cinema celebrities and international directors as well.

Chiara Samugheo is cultured, refined and beautiful and she devoted in an innovative way her art to reportage, advertising and cinema. She was able to extraordinary alternate the reportage activity with the advertising one and she was also the one who, avoiding running after cinema celebrities, became the most demanded photographer.
She is the one who fixed with unforgettable pictures the portraits of very famous cinema stars like Tina Aumont, Monica Vitti, Claudia Cardinale and Sophia Loren

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