Galleria d'Arte
Raffaella De Chirico

via Monte di Pietà 1A
20121 Milano

Ph +39 392 89 72 581

Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego

From 21/04/2022 To 23/04/2022

Extended version, three days flash show by Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego at Raffaella De Chirico’s Gallery, in Turin. It tells the story of the RAR project, the object of continuous research by the two artists. In this project, the books, transposed into a work of textile art, are linked to each other, conceptually by a perpetual narration and materially by traces of threads and seams.
Extended version, through five complementary artist's books, each dedicated to a particular aspect of RAR's research, it collects RAR’s themes and brings them back to the starting point: the books, recounting the mystery that runs through them. The literary fragments, separately collected and put together again in a new way, are harbingers of a universal voice, which details the understanding of reality and opens new perspectives on meaning, going beyond the specific plot. Starting from a work of art, Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego activate this sequence of connections within the five artists’ books. They present the link that exists in their art between word and creative gesture, between speech and action, once again imprinting on the fabric secret truths hidden in literature.

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