From 04/12/2014 To 17/01/2015

A system of notations, anarchist in his being structural, is what affects the works of Joanpere Massana (Ponts, Lleida, 1968) that more than being seen they have to be read as if they were pages full of symbols, signs and words. The background is the absolute limit that can not be exceeded to which approaches the materiality composed of disparate elements by high tactile nature that function as symbols and create a job with a strong instinctive and sensory.

His painting is full of layers of matter, of signs and chiaroscuro, a multitude of forms of expression, that draw on his past existence, but which become symbolic figures and archetypal, allusive to the entire human condition. In the works of Massana each sign creates atmospheres, situations that are not seen but which are perceived, because it is the same physical body of the observer who needs it inspired by the vibrations of the works.

Joanpere Massana produces cycles of work that you are always inspired by the natural elements, with a particular reference to the four classic par excellence: air, water, fire and earth. In the series dedicated to water, the artist shows us what, in its rooms plastic, conflicts or is allied with the element environment; in the series dedicated to air space is all about, what appears owns and provides some drama, even if it occurs constantly and with energy and vitality: the 'everything' is in contrast to the silence that is revealed in the watery world.

The air is always blowing, it expands, and what gives the essence to this element is the fact that there are particles in the wind (minimum attendance) of all things: the flowers - that air enhances giving living space, real - and insects; all these elements are essential so that air is present when they appear human feelings and sensations. (Arnau Puig, stigmas and riddles air, The Book of the air).

The fire and the earth, however, are implicit in each of the works that produces: in their material and strength in the intense hot, human, everything that moves.

12 works on paper selected for the exhibition.

Catalog of The Book of Air, published by Skira, available in gallery.

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