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Paolo Leonardo | COMMENT ÇA VA?

From 16/06/2020 To 31/07/2020

Comment ça va is the title of a movie written and directed by Anne -Marie Miéville and Jean Luc Godard in 1975 and develops a subject both aestethic and politics about photographic images used for
political propaganda and, in general, for information.
In this historical period is also one of the most asked questions, to other people and to ourselves.

An apparently simple question that accompanies Paolo Leonardo solo-show, the first at Raffaella De Chirico Gallery, built for the setting up as an intellective journey that could stimulate reflections about photography and painting, on technical reproducibility and uniqueness and how all these aspects could influence the society and conditioning the political, economical and cultural perspectives.

It will be fixed a quota for the access to the show for the public and this will allow a set up built like a journey, in the internal and external spaces of the galleries, give back to some works the original nature of edvertising poster.

The show will take place in both spaces, Via Giolitti 52 and in the brand new Home Gallery in via Cervino, 52, where it will be showed a selection of works by this amazing artist that has been working since almost three deacades.

Paolo Leonardo (Torino, 1973) from the beginning developed his research using the huge archive of images taken from advertising, publishing, cinema, often by anonymous authors. He choses with an instinctive empathy, aided by some Roland Barthes essaies and in particular by the Camera Lucida, written in 1980.

Once chosen the image, Leonardo takes it in his territory, the painting, intervening with acrilycs, enamels, caolin, transforming the the image and taking it to the desired direction.

During his careerm Leonard elaborated advertising and fashion images, worked on Adolf Hitler "an icon who represents the absolute evil simply to talk about human beings and our actual social, cultural and political condition, disguised cinema frames.

On display a selection of works from the last decade, among them the body of works "Silver", a research about on women figure and "Whites", some of them part of the project Solo da bambini, exhibited at the Merz Foundation in 2019.

Beyond public spaces and galleries, often the artist expressed his proposal through many urban interventions, in particular in Turin, Bruxelles and Paris.

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