Andi Kacziba | TURNING (G)OLD

From 03/07/2018 To 15/09/2018

On July 3rd Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art inaugurates Turning (G) old, a personal exhibition by Andi Kacziba, an artist born in 1974 in Hungary, who came to Italy in 1997 to work initially as a model, and later dedicated to photography. For the first time in exhibition one of the artist's most recent works: a series of Polaroids that always propose their face in the same frontal position: repetition and difference. It is impossible not to think of Roman Opalka, a Franco-Polish artist, of his Self-Portrait and of the obsession to document the passing of time on oneself. The artist her, however, inserted in his wrinkles a mixture of vinavil and gold, so that the signs of the passage of time are even more evident: she is a woman, she is an artist and she is ruthless. Kacziba knows the world linked to the image well and knows perfectly how to use his beautiful face. So natural that her artistic research focuses on issues related to the image, beauty and obsession of loss of the latter. But only apparently. On show also some tapestries, made with materials already used in her research, such as jute and rope, mounted on wooden frames. The result is wrinkled skin, hardened by time, perhaps marked by the sun; to fascinate it is the form, the matter much more than the color. In each of her works, which are the photographic portraits, the wrinkles on the glass and in the mirror, or the woven strings, there is the artist herself, with her experiences, her being, which day after day is affirmed through the precious, even if annoying, signs of time.

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