Meet(Art)Morphosi | TTozoi

From 13/05/2011 To 03/07/2011

Raffaella De Chirico Gallery is glad to announce the exhibition TTOZOI – MEET (ART) MORPHOSI, May 13 through July 3, 2011.

The exhibition will display the works of Stefano Forgione (born in Avellino on April 23, 1969) and Pino Rossi (born in Naples on October 7, 1972). The two artists have been working together in their laboratory “Spazio TTozoi” in Avellino since 2006 when they created an artistic project based on the use of molds.

They revolutionize the traditional concept of art work: they choose to use a non traditional artistic medium – the molds- and they don’t consider the canvas as a support, but as the main ground where mold life takes place. In this way the spectator can enjoy a painting that is always perceived as new and unexpected.

Stefano Forgione and Pino Rossi create their paintings hiding the hand of the artist because they want the observer to be completely free to interpret their works and get in touch with a lyrical dimension.

TTozoi’s paintings will be exhibited in a context of different paths –both from cinema (Lynch and Cronemberg) and literature (Ovidio, Kafka and Pirandello)- in order to establish an artistic dimension of metamorphosis, that really suits to TTozoi’s works.

At the end of the exhibition Raffaella De Chirico Gallery will publish a catalogue with all the main critical texts about TTozoi’s art and it will include an interview to the artists , that helps to understand their poetics.

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